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Union Budget 2017 – What’s cheaper and what’s costly

What’s cheaper and what’s costly
Items Tax Before After
Non-residential courses at IIM Service Tax 14% Nil
Solar Energy & Windmills Basic customs duty (Solar tempered glass) 5% Nil
Generic Medicines & Drugs Affordable price
Group insurance for Defense services Service Tax 14% Nil
Liquefied Natural Gas Basic customs duty 5% 2.5%
POS machines Customs and excise duties 12.5% & 4% Nil
Fingerprint/iris scanners Customs and excise duties 12.5% & 4% Nil
Railway Ticket Service charge (E-tickets) Rs.20(SL) Rs.40(AC) Nil
RO Units for homes Excise Duty (RO membrane elements) 10-12.5% 6%
Leather Goods Customs Duty (Vegetable tanning extracts) 7.5% 2.5%
Costly Items
Items Tax Before After
Aluminium ores and concentrates Excise Duty Nil 30%
Cashew nuts (roasted and salted) Basic customs duty 30% 45%
Paper-rolled handmade bidis Excise Duty Rs.21 per thousand Rs.28 per thousand
Cigars & Cheroots Excise Duty 12.5% or Rs.3,775/- per thousand, whichever is higher 12.5% or Rs.4,006/- per thousand, whichever is higher
Pan masala products including chewing tobacco Excise Duty 6% 9%
Unmanufactured tobacco Excise Duty 4.2% 8.3%
LED lights / fixtures Excise Duty Nil 6%
Mobile Phones Customs duty (Printed circuit boards) Nil 2%
Optical Fibers Basic customs duty (Polymer coated MS tapes) Nil 10%
Silver coins and medallions Countervailing Duty Nil 12.5%
Items that didn’t have any impact in this budget
Air Conditioner Air Purifier Bikes Branded Clothes
Car Cement Cold Drinks Cosmetics
Desktop Computers Eating Out Education Loan Farm Equipment
Fast Food Fridges Handicraft Khadi
Laptops Liquor Luxury Cars Luxury Homes
Movies Phone Bill Shampoo Silk
SUVs Textiles Tractors Washing Machines

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