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What is the bus fare in Ramanathapuram?

What is the bus fare in RamanathapuramThe protest in Tamil Nadu by the general public has started increasing due to the bus fare hike announced on January 20, 2018. Though on one side we keep watching on such protests, we also are keen to know on the bus fare hike for our own city or to the places where we travel often. If you belong to Ramanathapuram, do you know how much has the bus fare has gone up for places from Ramanathapuram?

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Revised bus fare for areas in Ramnad:

Source: Ramnad Palace

Check for revised bus fares in Theni District

Public are very badly agitating to bring back the old bus fare but the government is very clear about their stand of continuing with the revised fares. We have to wait and watch if the government will reduce the price, or retain the price hike or roll back this hike.

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