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Gold up Rs 240 per 8 Gram this week

Gold prices reaching 2 weeks high price at Rs. 22,232 per 8 gram and has increased up to Rs 240 for 8 grams this week.

  Gram Today (23-Mar-17) Last week (18-Mar-17) Price Change %
22 Carat Gold 1 2,779.00 2,749.00 1.09%  
8 22,232.00 21,992.00
24 Carat Gold 1 2,979.00 2,941.00 1.29%  
8 23,832.00 23,528.00

Why Gold Prices are moving up?

Investors are rushing to buy gold, as they feel there will be a setback to cut the corporate taxes by Donald Trump as a part of this reforms, which also raising doubts over other reforms to be implemented, so there is sudden panic creating among the investors which is aiding this up move.

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