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Instant personal loans from ICICI Bank directly via ATMs

Instant personal loans from ICICI Bank directly via ATMsICICI Bank has launched a new facility of availing personal loans directly at ATMs for its existing salaried customers. These customers are eligible for a pre-qualified instant personal loans up to 15 lakhs in their savings account.

According to a statement by the bank, this facility offers various features:

  • Hassle-free swift application in easy steps.
  • Multiple eligible loan amount options of up to Rs.15 lakh (based on pre-checked CIBIL scores).
  • Instant loan amount transfer to the customer’s account.

To ensure the the security of the offering robust, an additional level of authentication is also incorporated. This personal loan can be availed for an amount of upto Rs. 15 lakh for a fixed tenure of 60 months.

Where to apply for the loan?

  • In the ATM, after completing a transaction for balance enquiry or cash withdrawal, customers will be shown with the option of availing the loan.
  • This offering shall be seen only at ICICI Bank ATMs.

Procedure to avail this loan in ICICI Bank ATM:

  1. Select the required pre-approved loan offer.
  2. Depending on the customer’s eligibility, multiple amounts may be shown.
  3. Accept the auto populated interest rate, processing fee and EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) amount.
  4. Confirm on the terms and conditions displayed.
  5. Enter debit card PIN.

The amount shown in statement will get transferred to the customer’s account instantly upon the completion of the above procedure. This personal loans cab also be availed from the Bank’s website, iMobile (ICICI’s mobile banking application) and in its branches.

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